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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Draft of Dust and Bones up on Scribd!

Well, once again I have something new to put up on Scribd. It's always so exciting to post a new story. I just love it. Dust and Bones is almost ready for publication. So I'll be putting up a draft on Scribd in a few minutes. Please be aware that when I post on Scribd first, the draft you see is not the final draft. It's very close but not the final one. I have three more edits to do before i will consider it finished and ready for true publication but when something is almost ready I like to give people a taste. After all, If you are anything like me, you are very impatient. When you've decided you wanted something, you wanted it yesterday!

That's how I am anyway. I don't like to wait. I finished the book cover and I'm rather proud of it, if I do say so myself. I'll also put a link in the sidebar to it. Here's the link to it. Enjoy!

And once I'm done uploading it I'm going to go on a night snack run and get a burger and a slurpee

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