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Monday, September 5, 2011

Calling Card

I've been doing some work on a business card/calling card today (and listening to the Cover to Cover podcast). I had a really wonderful one I created over a decade ago when I was studying graphic design, but I like this one even more. The only thing missing is a pair of glasses.

Unfortunately, this is the second go 'round with this design. I created one almost just like it this morning and when I tried to open it back up this evening to continue my work, it wouldn't open properly. Illustrator trashed everything but the brown face and the eyes! I'm not sure what on earth happened there, but this time I made a copy for the web. I hope that helps. Anyway, I wanted to post this screen shot of my calling card. I like it and I plan to hand them out at conventions. I just need to figure out when the next science fiction/fantasy or general writer's convention will be held.

It will be my first time at a convention like this.

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