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Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Artwork and New Book Released!

UPDATE: Here is my new book, Schisms, which is out now. The artist is Ferdinand Ladera. I met him through I did the book cover design.
Schisms is now available on Amazon for the kindle at $2.99. It is also available on Smashwords and B&N!

The city you see here is named Jhis.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Almost Ready!

We're on the home stretch with the last of the editing so far. Things are almost ready to be wrapped up. All I need to do is write the blurb, create a table of contents and wait on the art work for the book cover - oh yeah, I'll have to design the cover but that part will take only a day and I already have in mind the exact design and color scheme.

I'm excited about the artwork. I found the artist through deviantArt and his work is phenomenal - and affordable for folks like me! That is a brilliant combination. Anyway I can't wait to show it off. It should be ready by Christmas and the book should be done and published by December 31st!