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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lessons Learned and What's To Come

Well my very first series is finally finished. It's been an interesting experience. When I first began, it was very exciting and I loved writing it. The excitement wore off a bit by the time I got to the fourth book. What I'd noticed is that as other things in my life arose: family situations, job issues and just life in general getting in the way, it put a lot of stress on me and there were times when it became a chore to slog through. I just had to push on despite being tired, stressed out or distracted.

This was a lesson that I've re-learned this year. It isn't new but I stopped writing for a few years before the advent of independent publishing. So I am relearning it. Writing isn't simply about waiting around on some muse, not if you're serious. It's also a job. You write because you are inspired, because you love to write and also because it's necessary if you have a deadline or you need to put food on the table. I also had a hard time meeting a few deadlines this year, especially for the last two books. I wasn't dreadfully late or anything  but still, I'll have to set more realistic deadlines to account for the "Life Happens" issues - another thing I've learned.

I'm saying this not to say that I don't enjoy this. I'm very proud with how it has turned out and I love it! But it was hard work and all of it wasn't joy every minute. There were those moments when I didn't feel inspired, when I was tired and didn't feel like writing anything. I had to make myself do it during those times and the end result of it is pride that I've finished the series and can look confidently to towards the future.

So what does the future hold? At this point I'm enjoying my summer. It's a lovely one. I'm reading again. Dune - I read it every other summer and interestingly, it is the inspiration for the next trilogy I plan to write. I've had an idea for a trilogy for years, many years ago, but I wasn't sure how to structure the story. I've been gathering my many notes I've written over the years. I'm getting ready to organize them and I've written even more notes.. I'll be preparing a detailed outline around the end of the month but for now I'm just relaxing and enjoying the weather. I hope you are too.

Happy Reading!

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