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Friday, August 17, 2012

Edge Of Darkness: A Prequel to The Red World Trilogy

Ok. So I've waxed on about the next project and how I plan to do this and that and. . .whatever. Fear not, gentle readers but I have been hard at work. It came to me about a year ago while I was working on my previous series that I might want to write a prequel for the Red World trilogy.

While gathering my notes and thinking on how to map out the outline I found some time to write the prequel. It's a short story. In the beginning I'd thought of writing a full length prequel novel but I don't think it's necessary in order to tell the feathers of story elements here that seed the trilogy. It's in editing stage right now it will be available for free for a limited time next week. Look for it within the next five to seven days here on my blog and also on my website. It will available as a .pdf, .mobi and .epub.

It will also be available for purchase on Amazon and B&N for those who  want to buy it. it is called Edge of Darkness. I've thought about making this story in the Red World universe a comic book but I think it shall stay in its current form.

PS: I have been working on a rough timeline of events, if you will to place the story in a quasi-historical setting. It needs a little work but I will include this first timeline in with the short story just to give readers an idea of the setting I'm trying to convey. I will include a more refined version with the novels. In fact, here it is right here:

Kind of small but there it is, for now.

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