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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Green Door is available for free download!

The Green Door, part of the Secret Doorway Tales series, is finally LIVE! I know I've been posting info about its progress for some time now. People are probably sick of reading about it. Well, it's finished and I am taking a well deserved rest before I get started on my next writing project, short story called, tentatively, Dust and Bones.

The Green Door can be downloaded on Amazon (well you'll have to wait until Sunday night for that) for $0.99. I haven't figured out how to make my work free on Amazon yet.

It is available as a free download at Smashwords and also on Scribd.

About Scribd - I uploaded a revised, finalized version of the story today so it may look slightly different than what I had there this past week. I only made very minor changes though (grammar, copyright info). The story is still the same.

It's so nice to look at what you've created and "see good for all your hard work" as King Solomon once said. And now I think I'll go and get an ice cold soda and relax myself.

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