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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Almost done!

Holy of holies!! I have finished The Green Door!

Actually, I have two more run-throughs this week (I promised myself I'd do this. I want to make sure it is truly ready for live action by next weekend) but all I really have to do now is work on the book cover, which I will start tomorrow. The heavy lifting, however, is done!

It's exciting because this is my first novelette - or my first something-bigger-than-a short-story-or-short-poetry- collection that I will publish. It's the first in a trilogy. After The Green Door I'll be writing another short story. Then it's on to the next in the trilogy, The Pumpkin Princess.

Side note: When I first started writing The Green Door, I assumed it would be a novella. As it turns out, it's a novelette. Perhaps the next two will have a large enough word count to be counted as novellas. We'll see.

What is interesting about the evolution of this trilogy is that I have always wanted to write a story about a pumpkin princess. My little niece inspired this story. In fact, the story has been brewing in my mind for a number of years now but only as a short story. It never occurred to me to make it the middle part of a trilogy. It's fascinating how an idea can brew and change in your mind over the years. The Green Door really is the first part of The Pumpkin Princess but I found it necessary to introduce readers to my little protagonist first, hence, The Green Door.

Hopefully if things go well, The Green Door will be out of the gate by next Sunday.

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