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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finished and almost finished

My new poetry book, Half Light is available on Amazon now. You can find it there for $0.99 or you can download it from Smashwords for free. it is also available on Scribd.

In other news, I just finished my second draft of The Green Door. I'll be doing three more drafts/re-writes over the weekend and the beginning of next week. The plan is that by the week after next The Green Door will be live and ready for people to download and read. Next weekend I'll be working on the cover. I may post a few thumbnails of it as a work in progress. The Green Door is part of a series (my very first series ever! Yay!!) I'm thinking, specifically that this will be a trilogy. In fact, this will be my first young adult novel/novella. E-publishing has made writing so much more exciting again!

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