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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finishing up the short

The first draft of Dust and Bones will be finished by tonight, I'm glad to say. It may even be shorter than Night Terrors. At the same time this week I've been working on the book cover for it and that's just about finished. In fact I'm farther along on that than I am on the actual story.

I still have a number of edits/re-edits to do on the story. If everything goes as planned it should be ready for publication by next weekend. Of course, I'll have one of the drafts up on Scribd by next week some time.

For some reason I was excited about writing this story and I'm still happy with how it's turning out but my excitement for it has waned, even though it's been brewing in my mind for a few years now. All my excitement is going into The Pumpkin Princess. I haven't started writing the story yet and I can't wait to get started! First things first, though!

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