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Monday, July 11, 2011

Second Person Point of View

I have so many things coming in the future as far as writing projects. I'm still busy working on a second short story, I've finished the first paragraph of my second novel (the first one that will actually be published because my first one isn't publishable) and another poetry collection.

But I've always wanted to write a short story using the second person narrative. Back when I was in school I often took TAG creative writing classes and attended summer writing camps at local colleges and this became a fascination of mine. I actually did write a short short many years ago using SPPV but I lost it.

My mind is boiling and foaming with ideas about another short story using this viewpoint. It's so exciting when you first come up with an interesting idea. Not that this is something new, it's certainly been done before but have I tried it in any way that readers would be interested in reading yet? Not yet. If there are any readers to this blog have you written any stories using this point of view and if so was it difficult or easy? What was the plot about? Character? Did you find it enjoyable?

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