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Monday, July 4, 2011

New short story just published

I just published my first short story on Smashwords. It's called Night Terrors.

Now any who have read this blog for any length of time may have remembered that I once posted it here for free to read a few years back. But it's been edited and revamped, improved upon since then and definitely since I first wrote it back in 2000. I definitely think it's a much better story now. Now normally on this blog I will promote my work on and soon the link under the Featured Work to the right on this blog, will change, but takes a while to publish so for the time being, here it is at Smashwords.

I hope $0.99 won't break your budget. I plan to publish another short story in a few months and that one will be free. I'll give you a little hint now; It's called The Green Door. It's a working title.

Also my poetry book, When The Sky Is Gray which you can find on Smashwords and is also free.