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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A website I came across on a forum looks very promising as a vibrant and supportive community for authors and readers. That site is called Indie Author Rockstar. how it works is this, quoted directly from the site:

"Every month, our community selects one indie author to highlight and promote. During an author’s ‘rockstar’ month, we all try to do something to support that author and help turn him or her into a star. It goes a little something like this …

Any author can choose just one of his or her self-published fictional works to participate with (no erotica, please). There’s no limit on the number of authors who can participate, but each author can only submit one book at a time. Books can and will be rejected at the discretion of the admins for the site, especially books with covers that aren’t up to a relatively professional standard.

On the first of each month, five books are chosen at random. Those five books join the runner-up from the previous month, and those six books ‘audition’ to become the next month’s rock star. Everyone in the community will have one month to read or sample those six books. At the end of the month, only the authors who have submitted a book to the site will vote privately (one vote per author) to select the featured author–the rockstar–for the following month."

Remember though, you have to do your part by reading these books as well. Independent publishing is this weird, buzzing chaotic thing that is finding its place in the world and it's a great thing to be part of in any way you can as an artists or creative today. Great ideas like this one can help independent and young authors get in on the ground floor of getting their work out there, marketing and publishing and networking. it's a wonderful opportunity and one of many valuable ones out there for indie authors and it's a valuable resource in helping readers to source out the kind of stories they want to read. Like with trad publishing, there's good stuff and not so good stuff in indie publishing. Sites like these can help readers find the good stuff - and as you well know, it's all subjective. What's bad to someone else may be good to another. Indie Author Rockstar can help readers find what they want.

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