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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Pumpkin Princess Book Cover

I'm coming along on my progress with the second book in the series and I have finally finished my book cover. I had picked out the illustration about three months ago at Dreamstine. They have a tremendous selection great stock photos and illustrations there. Actually, they don't have a lot of illustrations but they do have a lot of beautiful photos. The one illustration that I chose below was by a content creator named Duccio - which I will definitely be crediting in my book because it's such a great illustration, yet a simple one. For the third book in the series I'm thinking of hiring a artist for traditional artwork but I know that will cost a pretty penny! There are a few (with fabulous work) I already have in mind. Whether they would be interested, and the cost, are the real issues. But more on that later.

Here is the book cover with the final type design:

Graphic design training really cuts down on expenses, I'll you that! I'm really excited about it and I just love it! In fact, I think it looks even better than the book cover for The Green Door. of course I may have to make some nitpick changes but it's pretty much done. All I have to do now is finish editing and then proofread the story one more time and we're ready to go!

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