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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hanvon: E-Ink E-Reader with COLOR!!

Can I get E-Ink in color please?

You know, I was thinking about Kindles today and about the new Kindle Fire that will be coming out this fall and it got me wondering - what about creating a non-back lit tablet or ereader with color E-Ink technology? it seems that many only think in terms of E-Ink vs LCD but I don't see why color can't be added to E-Ink technology.

And then after doing some 'net surfing I found out that a Chinese company has done just that! The photo of the device is at the top. In fact they unveiled their ereader at this year's CES (goes to show you how little I've been paying attention to modern technology! I used to keep up with this stuff back when I was podcasting! Shame, shame!) Here's an article about the device at and here is the company website with the device (in black or white) front and center.

It also comes with a stylus which is a plus in my book. They also have different versions with different features, much like the Kindles do. I think it looks very nice. Now if I could figure out where to buy it. They say that they have no plans to sell it in the US but who knows? I think there's demand for it here and if they are willing to increase profits and business they may very well change their minds on that. I for one will be keeping an eye out for this device.

I think I want this instead of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

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