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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Linking titles in a series

I've noticed today that sales are picking up a tiny bit of The Pumpkin Princess. Not so with The Green Door though. I was on the Kindleboards a few days ago and a poster mentioned that he planned on linking all the books in his series together so that readers could easily find all of the books. Like adding an extra page at the end of one of his books.

I thought this was a great idea as it might not be immediately obvious that it's part of a series. When the third books comes out I will certainly put the titles of the first two books on the info page after the end so that readers know that this is a series.

I have to admit that I've been working my butt off with marketing tPP. I didn't work so hard at marketing when the first book came out. I just hope people like tPP. I really enjoyed writing it. Tomorrow I have a real treat for readers of the blog (if there are any, lol). I hired a great artist to do the artwork for my third book The Winter Wolves and I plan to post the cover tomorrow on this blog! I love it and I'm so excited!

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