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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Future Projects

The Lady Moons is finally available for purchase on B&N. Seems they like to take their own sweet time, but anyway,

The Secret Doorway Tales series is going to be drawing to a close pretty soon. I have two more books to write. I'm thinking of a short story to add to the series but that will deal with a different character altogether, not the heroine Anne.

However, I'm gathering ideas and writing notes for the next trilogy of books I plan to write. In fact, I've written notes for these books years ago, actually while I was writing Night Terrors I was gathering notes for these stories. I still haven't come up with a title I like, yet. The working title is still Monolith. It will be adult science fantasy. it will be interesting looking through these old notes and adding them to the new ones.

I have many ideas for books I plan to write in the next three years. There's a series of books I plan to write after the Monolith trilogy, a steam-punk science fiction series that I'm excited about. Then there is the idea for a cat detective set in either the Medieval age or the Renaissance, but I haven't yet decided. Think Brother Cadfael, but a cat detective instead of a human. Then there's the prequel to the Monolith trilogy.

I may even revisit the Secret Doorway Tales series after that but as you can see it will be some years before I get around to it, if I've decided that I actually want to. See? This is the advantage to indie publishing. The only person allowed to make these decisions is me, the author. No one can tell me what to do. No one! Indie publishing - and by that I mean Self publishing - kicks butt!

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