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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Well, I've got another big break now that I've just finished a new book. I love that feeling of just beginning a book and just finishing the book. Each time I feel that something important is taking place.

I went to the library this past weekend and I checked out a number of books on various African, Russian and Finnish folklore. So I'm doing a bit of research for my next two books in the Secret Doorway Tales series. Some form of the Aziza - African pygmy-like fairies, some form of the ogress Baba-yaga of Russian folklore and the legend of Sadko will show themselves as influences in the next two books. In fact, the Aziza in the form of Zi, the little black male sprite in the series has already shown up in the stories. Dragons will also make an appearance. I love dragons! Also, something of the Wild Hunt of western European folklore will make an appearance too. I've got many things planned and it's exciting just thinking about it!

The fifth book will incorporate the Peer Gynt legend in some small way. In fact, the title will be called The Mountain King. There will be a mountain hall and trolls involved! I even have the title for the sixth and last book but I won't reveal it right now.

The most difficult part will be incorporating the importance of dreams into this next book since the two fairies who rule the twin moons deal in dreams. I'll work it out!

PS: The Winter Wolves is now available for purchase on!


R. Doug Wicker said...

Best wishes for a successful book launch and a ton of sales, Victoria.

Victoria said...

Hey! Thanks so much and thanks for commenting!