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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Serialized Short Fiction

I come up with ideas every now and then and while listening to the Questcast podcast I was thinking about writing some more short fiction. I just released a collection called Keeping Strange Time and I am planning a science fiction series in 2014 that will start off with a short story, just like the current one I'm working on.

But this will be a little different. I have so much material from years past that I want to use, some of it not much good but some of it is good. So this is what I'm thinking, a series of story vignettes, or serialized fiction in short bites. I'm not sure what it will be or look like. Much of the material is already written but I will be adding and changing it to create these new stories. Will it be science fiction? Will it be fantasy? I think it may be somewhere in between and I will purposefully not use an outline for this project. This will be interesting since I usually always use an outline for my stories. I'll be free-wheeling it folks! It will be featured on a new blog. I'm excited. It's so cool when you have the freedom to share your stories with people.

The new blog is called blueshift ( The link is in the sidebar to the right. Look for work there in February.

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