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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Books I'm Reading and Enjoying

As always, I've been reading books and I enjoy sharing them with those that read the blog. This is what I've read and loved so far:

Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria by Rahma Krambo, a fantasy story about special cats who guard special magical books and what happens when an evil man tries to get a hold of the most powerful book in the world. it's a wonderful story for both kids and adults!

Devils's Lair by David Wisehart, if you like Ellis Peters's Brother Cadfael series you'll enjoy this. An erudite read of a monk, a poet and a girl who travel with a wounded Templar knight to, well read the synopsis here as I'm not finished but it's an excellent book.

The Last King's Amulet by Chris Northern is a great fantasy novel about a down-on-his-luck, lazy nobleman named Sumto who finds that he has to join the army in order to better his fortunes and regain his family honor and respect but finds that doing so is not nearly so easy as he first thought. Not a children';s book but definitely compelling reading for adults who love fantasy!

of course, there's also Gargantua and Pantagruel by Rabelais a fne and fun read as well but a little difficult unless you enjoy reading Shakespeare!

I'm still going through Gargantua and Pantagruel and Devil's Lair but I am enjoying both books, especially Devil's Lair.

Happy reading!   :o)

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