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Friday, January 20, 2012

Progress Report: Rough Draft Done!

I've just finished the rough draft of The Lady Moons. This story was a little tougher to write than the previous three books. It deals with themes of gray areas, as we are apt to say these days. It isn't quite the straight forward adventure story like the last three.

There is Right, there is Wrong and then there are those areas where you have to use your own conscience about what to do in a "gray" situation. In this particular story, there are things that are good, things we like and recognize as nice and pleasant and then there are other things that we don't like - but they may be just as necessary in life. Some things may at first seem bad but aren't, and then we all know of something that seems good at first but turns out to be anything but. Children encounter this as well and they have to come to terms with it, just like adults.

How do you explain these things to children? I know it isn't easy and I don't have children of my own which makes dealing with these kinds of themes especially tricky. The main character, Anne, must navigate a few of these gray areas, all the while navigating her way through the 'perilous realm', as Tolkien might call it, though he may look askance at my so-called perilous realm and wonder what's with all of these Tinkerbell fairies!

In any case, the first draft is done.All that needs finishing is the sample chapter for the next book in the series and then editing. Lots of editing.


J. R. Nova said...

The theme sounds really interesting to me. Reminds me of Chuang Tzu. Not everything is as it appears.

Victoria said...

That's certainly what I'm going for. It's interesting to see how thing turn out from start to finish. Thanks for commenting!