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Monday, December 26, 2011

Poetry Contest

Even though I've been relaxing, getting other things done and reading for pleasure now that my latest book is out, every now and then I've been working on some poetry. I've also worked on an outline for at least two fables - I've got another idea for another short book of fables and one day I'll combine them into a bigger book of fables, but more on that some other time.

So far, I've written five poems. The theme of this next poetry book will be about living in the city. So far the working title is City Life. That title may or may not change. I've been thinking about submitting it to Omnidawn Publishing poetry contest. I've submitted work to them before. The only thing is that I no longer have the patience to wait so long on other publishers but I may decide to submit it anyway. It's tempting.

Since I was a youngun' I've entered into poetry contests, some worthwhile, some not, and here I go again. Once the manuscript is finished, we'll see. . .

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