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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Amazon's Lending Library

Amazon, early this morning, has just unveiled (or, rather opened up) their exclusive Lending Library for indie authors. Of course the message boards I belong to are all abuzz with the news! It's the only thing we authors are really talking about today. Many are discussing the pros and cons of this service as Amazon will require an author to leave the book that they choose to opt in to the program on the Amazon site, exclusively. You won't be able to sell it elsewhere for 3 months. Some of the things that come with the lending library is free promotion from Amazon-something many of us indie authors who are brand new to publishing are always on the lookout for.

Many people are weighing in and have some good things to say as to why it is or why it is not a good thing for indie authors.

For me, I've decided to take a wait and see approach. Currently I'm writing a series and I do not think opting in the program will help my series. After all, I get sales from both Amazon and B&N. I'm not interested in alienating readers at other venues.

I am seriously thinking about submitting my stand alone novel I'll be writing and publishing next year to see what happens. After all, you can't be so cautious that you never take chances. How do you know what will work unless you try? I suppose each author has to make decisions that will benefit him/her in the end and that's going to look different depending on each author's needs and desires.

Interesting times in publishing!

PS: I've noticed the guys over on TWiT are talking about it - and they don't seem too eager about the LL idea. Hmmm.

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