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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sample Chapters From Cryptic Tongues Are Coming!

The first draft is done! I am now in editing phase. I plan to put out the first chapter on the blog this week! I'm so excited! It seems like such a long time since I first stared writing this book. Actually I started working on it in February. It should be done by June 30th.

I made a concerted effort this time around to kick up the action in this book. I'm happy with how its turned out. The extras that this novel will include will be a glossary. There won't be any extensive notes in this book. I wanted to include the glossary in with the first book but that was impossible as I had too many appendixes to add in. So the glossary will be added at the end of this book. Any words you didn't understand in the first book or in this one will be explained there.

Most of all I'm having fun with it. Of course, right afterward I plan to publish another book of poetry. I have about five poems written already. Then later this summer I'll get started on the last book in this trilogy. Even so, I have been thinking on creating another series in this same world with a few of the same characters. A fantasy adventure series, or perhaps another trilogy that takes place perhaps in the land of Zapulia. We'll see. The possibilities are grand.

Also, look for the new book cover at the end of this month!

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