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Friday, September 28, 2012

Fill The Shelves!

Hello gentle readers! I have some important news! Fill The Shelves is an organization that helps schools in need of books for their libraries. Fill those empty library shelves with books!

I remember when I was a small child my mother read to me every day. As we got older she took us to the library every week to check out books and we were also involved in a reading program called The Reading Tree.

I am now a writer and I love to read, thanks to my mother's efforts so this is important to me. Books are extremely important sources of information for an educated populace. So, if you can find a little change to help these kids at these schools by buying a book or two to help fill their library shelves I am sure the teachers and librarians - and the kids - would greatly appreciate it! You can go to the site and buy a book for a school in need here! I bought Tales From The Odyssey, Part 2 By Mary Pope Osborne

Happy reading!

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