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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Progressing. . .

I can finally see the end coming with this final book. Things are moving along swimmingly. I have to admit that I was really worried for a while because I fell into something of a small depression when I first began writing it. My attitude has changed. Nearly done, actually. I have a few editing passes to put it through after I finish typing it up. I'm actually on the second draft right now. I have also been writing notes on the next book and gathering some old notes as well that I've written for it a few years back. Plus I'm currently reading Dune, and the Bible, two books that are pivotal and influential in the next trilogy I plan to write.

Research, you might say. More on that later this week. I'm also enjoying the weather an life in general. Seeing the sun has done wonders for my mind. I've had some interesting health related bumps and lumps and one could either take a dim view or a practical one. I've decided to be practical and thank God for what I have right now. Life is good and I thank Him for that.

Now, back to work.

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