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Friday, June 24, 2011

First Book Published On Kindle!

I finally got my first book published on for the Kindle! I'm so excited! anyone can get a few free pages or buy the book for $0.99 by clicking this link! I think it's good and I'm proud of the work I've done! I even took the picture myself (from a beach trip a few years back) and made the cover art myself. Graphic design school sure comes in handy!

If anyone is interested in purchasing it, tell me what you think of my work! I'll be working on getting a small collection of short stories published next. In fact, one is already finished - I wrote it long ago but made huge revisions, a second one started off as a novel that I will be turning into a short story and I'm currently working on another one. Exciting stuff. if I could give them away for free I would but Amazon won't let me do that and a company like Amazon can give me the exposure I can't get in just any place. I'm so excited!